Chunky Mix

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If you're a tropical plant enthusiast, you know how important it is to provide your green friends with a well-draining, nutrient-rich soil mix that mimics their natural habitat. Enter the famous Chunky Mix, a soil blend perfect for promoting healthy root growth and enhancing aeration for your tropical plants. With a blend of orchid potting mix, perlite, horticultural wood charcoal, earthworm castings, and soil, this mix will surely make your plants thrive. Let's dive into the specifics of this Chunky Mix and learn how to create it for your tropical plant collection.

The Chunky Mix Recipe

To create the Chunky Mix for your tropical plants, you'll need the following ingredients in approximate percentages:

  1. Orchid Potting Mix: 25%
  2. Perlite: 25%
  3. Horticultural Wood Charcoal: 15%
  4. Earthworm Castings: 15%
  5. Soil: 20%


All plants are shipped with their roots wrapped in Sphagnum Moss, and plastic wrap to retain moisture for the root system. Foliage is then wrapped in a soft material, and then the whole plant is wrapped in isolation paper to secure the plant from movement in the box. Upon arrival to your home, check the roots for any signs of damage or rot. If rot appears, trim the affected roots with clean scissors or pruning shears, and plant into the new pot with the above specified growing media. We recommend waiting a day to water your new plant after repotting, as this will reduce the risk of root rot. Please note that yellowing or browning leaves could occur in transit.

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