About Us

 Barbara St-Hilaire, the visionary behind Aya Tropical Plants, made a bold decision to follow her heart and leave her 17-year career in telecommunications. With unwavering determination, she set forth on a new journey driven by her profound passion for plants.Leaving behind a world where she had tirelessly climbed the corporate ladder, Barbara's awakening to the wonders of nature occurred during her training as a yoga instructor in Bali. As her priorities shifted away from the relentless pursuit of success and performance, the call of the natural world became impossible to ignore.Reconnecting with nature became a profound and transformative experience, helping Barbara rediscover her true self. It was clear from the outset that she wanted to spread happiness by sharing her love for tropical plants with others.The name "Aya" holds a special significance for Barbara, as it belongs to her beloved granddaughter. This heartfelt connection inspired her to name her company after Aya, symbolizing the deep bond between family and the nurturing spirit of nature. In addition to Aya, Barbara's family welcomed three new precious members in the past year, further fueling her dedication to creating a thriving and joyful world through Aya Tropical Plants.