Monstera Borsigiana Albo

Aya Tropical Plants, a premier seller of exotic foliage, is delighted to offer the captivating Monstera Borsigiana Albo for plant enthusiasts and collectors alike. Our dedicated team at Aya Tropical Plants carefully sources and cultivates these rare and visually stunning specimens, ensuring that you receive a healthy, thriving plant to add a touch of tropical elegance to your indoor garden.


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Gifts Cards
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Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn - 24016Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn - 24016
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Monstera White TigerMonstera White Tiger
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Monstera White Tiger-24013Monstera White Tiger-24013
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Soil ( Chunky Mix)
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Monstera Deliciosa ‘Yellow Marilyn’ NA-005
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Monstera Thai Constellation Creme Brûlée
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Monstera Borsigiana Albo JA0825
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Monstera Borsigiana Albo JA0824
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Monstera Borsigiana Albo -A220
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Monstera Borsigiana Albo JA13Monstera Borsigiana Albo JA13
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Monstera Legacy JA67
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Black Soap
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Monstera Card -MA1120231
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Monstera Card  MA1120232
Monstera Card MA1120232 Sale price$8.00
Monstera Card MA1120233
Monstera Card MA1120233 Sale price$8.00

Monstera Albo Overview

Monstera Albo Borsigiana, also known as Monstera deliciosa 'Albo Variegata' or Variegated Monstera, is a rare and highly sought-after tropical plant known for its striking variegated leaves. It is a cultivar of Monstera deliciosa, a popular houseplant native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America.

The key feature of Monstera Albo Borsigiana is its large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with distinctive white or cream-colored variegation. This variegation is a result of a genetic mutation that causes a lack of chlorophyll in certain parts of the leaves, creating the striking contrast of colors.

Due to the rarity and unique appearance of Monstera Albo Borsigiana, it is highly prized among plant collectors and can be quite expensive compared to other Monstera varieties. The stunning appearance of Monstera Albo Borsigiana, along with its relatively easy care, makes it a highly desirable and rewarding plant for enthusiasts and collectors.